Blockchainbird is a company aimed at cryptocurrency newbies, and was founded by Henk van Cann and Erwin Overstegen. What is the practical value of cryptocurrencies, how should I dive into it and what do I really need to know first? Van Cann and Overstegen saw a need for practical courses to better understand the essentials and more effectively manage personal keys to identity and crypto values against a backdrop of blockchain fundamentals.

We work closely together with a network of professionals with a solid working knowledge of blockchain technology, both online and offline, that wants to form the basis for useful applications. We believe that the time has come for blockchain development to also penetrate the social dimension.

Blockchainbird is a licensed partner of C4 for the Certified Bitcoin Professional program, and collaborates with the Universities. Our A-lab Learning Centre is located in Amsterdam across ‘Het IJ’ just behind the Central Station. Use the 24/7 free ferry which will take you across in a minute or two. A-lab offers a friendly, creative and welcoming environment in which to study and meet new people.

We assist projects too, from architecture and engineering to financing and organization. We are determined to explain complex technology in comprehensible terms, and develop training programs ranging from half a day to three days.